Yapster and Purple Cubed announce partnership to bring shared users closer to their people platform

Yapster and award-winning people and tech experts, Purple Cubed are partnering to give shared users seamless access to people engagement platform, Talent Toolbox, through the Yapster app.

Purple Cubed’s ongoing mission is to help great brands become amazing places to work. Talent Toolbox was the first product of its kind in the UK and has resulted in customer triumphs such as reductions in labour turnover by over 100%, increases in employee engagement and, for one client, an EBITDA improvement of £3million. Customers include established brands such as Planet Organic, YO!, and The Ritz London.

Talent Toolbox will be hosted on Yapster’s dedicated applications page. Eligible employees will be able to access their Talent Toolbox features via single-sign on, creating a holistic employee engagement experience. From there people can chat about their progress, have more formal career reviews, track and measure their performance and manage their own goals and aspirations.

Purple Cubed Managing Director, Jo Harley commented ”Today’s employees not only need access to information as and when they need it, they also want to drive their own progression, learning and the experiences they have at work. Talent Toolbox enables this dialogue, so people are more likely to be engaged and retained and companies have the data they need to help them perform better. We’re delighted to be enhancing the accessibility of Talent Toolbox through our partnership with Yapster”.

“Providing digital solutions that improve the daily lives of team members is key to staff engagement and retention,” added Rob Liddiard, Co-founder and CEO of Yapster. “By creating what is essentially a ‘one-stop shop’, employees will have seamless access to a range of the tools they need to do their job effectively, from communication to career progression. We’re excited to offer Talent Toolbox as an ‘Yapplication’ and to see where our partnership with Purple Cubed takes us next.”

Development is underway with a live roll out scheduled for 2020.

About Yapster

Yapster is a secure, all-company instant messaging app for organisations with frontline (deskless) teams, enabling 1-1 and group conversations and company-wide social sharing.

Behind the simple, intuitive UI we have built a wealth of features and functionality to meet the needs of deskless organisations.

It’s this, combined with our ability to integrate with, and broaden access to, other core systems which means that you can use Yapster to engage your entire workforce, from frontline to HQ; grow sales by embedding practices that drive commercial performance, and; optimise your frontline and people operations and reduce costs. We also help you to keep your staff safe, maintain control of your data, and stay GDPR compliant.

It pays to talk. Some of the biggest names on the high street, including Caffè Nero, Next and Wagamama, are generating significant value by connecting teams to each other and the tools they need to succeed.

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