This week I’ve been looking at how some of our Talent Toolbox clients use the information that results from their Talent Toolbox review module.

Talent Toolbox was my ‘light bulb idea’ in 2001 and the reason behind Purple Cubed. Since then there’s been an interesting journey through various incarnations.  In short, it’s an award-winning range of online talent management tools which enable individuals at work to drive their own progress and development, communicate better, and track their progress.

For the organisations that invest in Talent Toolbox, it helps them to consult and engage their people, reinforce culture, key messages and goals and drive performance. It currently consists of six modules with more on the way. If you’re into detail, you can find out more here.

The point of Talent Toolbox review module is to enable people to have rich one to ones – face to face if at all possible – so as to facilitate all of the above. We’re all about achievements and outcomes at Purple Cubed and there’s obviously no point in investing in a system and using it diligently if the outcomes aren’t used just as diligently to bring about business improvements.

So this week I found out a range of great ways to use the review outcomes:

• Some people communicate key findings together with their associated actions and next steps by poster, by newsletter, by cascading via presentations; even by text. They build in regular updates and evaluations to form the organisation’s goal setting and ‘talent plan’

• Directors are spending more time in the business working on specific issues flagged up in the opinion section

• One organisation is formally recognising all top scorers in the performance section to reward and celebrate their stellar achievements

• Top performers become designated champions within their areas of excellence to coach and inspire others. Imagine the pride of a junior member of the team being recognised in this way…and the knock on effect on colleagues to do well…

• Some team members become ‘competency role models’; encouraged to share their skills/knowledge/experience with others through leading by example, holding short master classes for their peers, job shadowing, buddying and so on

• Certificates and letters from the CEO are winging their way to top performers

• Performance champion pin badges have been introduced

• At the other end of the scale, people in need of improvement are in sensible and helpful discussions around their various development needs

• Similarly, those leaders who outperformed the rest have become 2014 ‘Leadership DNA Champions’ to also up-skill, coach and inspire others

• An aspiring Leaders Programme has been commissioned to ensure that those with aspirations and potential to lead within the company will have all the support they need to get there

People have been busy…

The perhaps surprising, and definitely admirable, point here is that all of these initiatives (and more) came from just one company. It surely can’t be coincidence that they occupy a high listing in the Best 100 Companies to work for survey from The Sunday Times a with a top, three star rating. They’re IIP Gold rated and an inspirational and aspirational place to work.

World-class talent management isn’t difficult – it just takes effort, discipline and determination. Could you improve yours?


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