Why you need joined up people systems (and how to do it…)

By Tom Lake, Product Manager at Purple Cubed

HR software has evolved and changed over the years, with a dazzling array of cool apps now on the market. The need to adopt a joined-up, streamlined approach has, therefore, become increasingly important and a top priority for businesses across all industries. From simplifying processes to full-scale automation, companies are starting to realise that without integration, there can be no digital transformation.

If systems aren’t aligned, it can be a time consuming and costly process to manage everything individually. More and more tech companies are coming together via APIs (application programme interfaces) and integrations that give a complete digital people solution, covering everything from on-boarding right through to succession planning and learning – the people leader’s dream.

Three key reasons to adopt a joined-up approach:

1. Bridging the gaps

Running reports are only as useful as the data within them. By joining systems together, you can build a complete picture of your business and get real time analytics on things like engagement vs. sales targets or happiness against department performance. Removing the need for that painstaking spreadsheet matching exercise in time for the next board report.

2.It’s the little things that matter

Forgot your password? Not anymore. Single sign-on means instant access via one login page. Payroll joined up with your people hub means you can forget having to add new starters to seven different systems and a seamless user experience makes everyone more productive.

3.Innovative and elegant solutions

One size doesn’t fit all. It’s all well and good investing in a big HR system but does it do everything well? Do your teams love using it? Do the people behind the solution have all the expertise or are they just providing a system? By bringing together multiple smaller, more creative partners and integrating them together, you will be able to build a cool, user-friendly system that can grow and evolve as the business does.

OK, so what next? Picking the right tech partners is crucial (Here’s a blog to help). Get them talking and working together – they need to be willing to integrate and partner to give you, and your ‘end users’, the best possible solution. Do your homework, ask like-minded people who have been through, or are going through, the same journey. Or ask an expert to help.

Imagine your people being able to request a review, share feedback and news, book a holiday, swap a shift, sign off a goal…all through one, accessible place on their laptop, tablet or mobile. And then imagine the rich analytics that will result; insights and hard data to inform your business strategy and tactics…

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