What employee engagement means to me…

Mardochee Matulu, Work Experience Student, shares his learnings on employee engagement, and what it means to him.

Employee engagement. A phrase which means many different things to different people, though how it is defined is by which angle you are looking at it. The standard definition of employee engagement is ‘A workplace’s approach to creating the right conditions for employees of their organisation to give their best in line with the organisation’s goals while also developing the employee personally’. Though how does a business set about achieving this?

There are many ways a business can engage their employees, however it is how they do it which is the big challenge. After my week here at Purple Cubed I have learnt that a business cannot do one specific thing for all their employees to remain engaged, as everyone is different and will respond to different motivating tasks. It is not about one off initiatives – it’s about a joined up approach that everyone supports.

Throughout my week within the company I learnt about many different ways employee engagement is carried out from clever software right through to using iWAM and SDI online psychometric assessments. As I experienced these tools for myself, and as I went deeper and deeper into the results, I discovered what employee engagement is for me.

Employee engagement to me is simply letting your employee know that you trust them and are willing to help them develop their skills as part of your workforce. I feel that having these things in a workplace are key in order to get an employee such as myself to be engaged. What is proven is that a business’s output will improve depending on the percentage of employees who are engaged with the organisation, if an employee is not engaged then the work they produce in the workplace will not be at the highest standard and do more harm than good to the business. 

Purple Cubed have carried out a research project on this subject – you can request a summary here. As part of this, they defined employee engagement as:

The right people, doing the right things, exceeding expectations, enthusiastically. That’ll do for me!

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