The business case for digitising HR

By Antonella Vaughan, Business Advisor

We live in a world where technology surrounds us, where virtual collaboration is key to any kind of engagement. The digital age has come to be integral to our life. Looking at how we interact with each other, Facebook, twitter, Instagram; is the digital world our new reality?

Either way, we have embraced technology into many areas of our life, from opening an app to order a hotel, taxi and even food to arranging someone to come and do our dry cleaning. We’re an ‘on demand’ generation, everything is at our fingertips. And why do we do all of this? Because it’s easy, simple, more efficient and lets us get on with what we are doing.

HR in itself is one of the newest functions in the workplace, and even the idea of employee engagement has been a revolution only within the last decade. But it struggles to become more than stagnant, riddled with old theories and out of date approaches.

This new age department requires new age technology. What’s more is that academics have already proven that HR is more easy and effective when embracing digital techniques. In one study last year, employee engagement increased when leaders spent more time on internal social networking sites where the organisations culture was open, transparent and encouraged collaboration. Other studies have understood the importance of moving away from paper HR processes, to digital platforms, to increase the efficiency of HR. By having all your data available digitally, you have a powerful source to analyse your people, and having these people analytics puts you at the forefront of competitive advantage (click here to see the insights).

We know from our own research (sign up for a summary here ) that digitising HR has now become a business imperative – isn’t it time you got ahead of the curve?’

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