Talent Toolbox™ – People Performance Summary

Culture and values are what your company stand for. Therefore, it’s vital that every member of your business champions what you’re all about; what you stand for; and where you’re going. So wouldn’t it be great to be able to keep track of the culture of your company throughout the year? What if there was a way to ensure your entire organisation is living and breathing your values?

Enter People Performance Summary on Talent Toolbox™: The quick and easy ongoing tech tool which, amongst a wealth of features, allows you to view a report on how your entire organisation is performing against your behaviours and values as part of their mid-year and annual reviews.

  • A one-stop overview of how your company is performing against the behaviours and values that matter most, allowing you to see a snapshot of overall company performance
  • Ideal for multi-site businesses, People Performance Summary allows you to break down the report by location to see the sites that are championing your values
  • With simple yet robust tracking, People Performance Summary allows you to break down who eats, sleeps and breathes your values in your organisation


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Talent Toolbox™ is an award-winning technology that digitises essential people processes that affect employee engagement such as communication, development review, goal management, and succession planning. It’s intuitive, user-friendly tech has been designed with both the company and employee in mind. It empowers employees to drive their career development while also enabling business leaders to ensure people know what’s going on and can give valuable feedback – all of this helps shape the people function into a driving force, contributing to business success. Talent Toolbox™ reinforces your business culture, engages and empowers your workforce, tracks talent, enables progression and provides a real feel-good factor.


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