In a world defined by continuous, rapid change, far too few organisations are successfully adapting. Many are struggling to convert awareness into action; others are unable to fully comprehend the challenges faced. Critically, they are failing to engage and empower their people to drive business results. The largest organisations used to lead the way – now it’s those who adapt the fastest…

On 14th March 2018, Purple Cubed launched a new qualitative study which showed that, whilst businesses understand the disruptors and obstacles they face, for many, the challenges lie with successfully converting this awareness into action. Many organisations also appear to lack the leadership decisiveness, capability, courage and capacity to change. Others crave innovation without the culture to support that.

We’re on a mission to help UK businesses adopt and embrace change by harnessing the true power of people. We’ve distilled the solutions down to five key priority areas which we’ll explore in this Purple Paper.

Download the full research here

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