New Year’s Resolutions: Setting your mission for the year ahead

Sarah O’Connell, Purple Cubed Business Advisor, talks goal-setting for the year ahead…

Every New Year’s Eve, my friends and I gather around a dinner table (with lots of wine) and share both the achievements we are proud of from the year just gone and our resolutions for the following year.

We take it in turns so everyone has the chance to speak. It’s a hopeful, positive way to begin the New Year, with reflection for what we’re grateful for and almost a touch of reverence for the declared resolutions for the following year – once they’ve been said out loud, you’re exposed and there’s no going back!

Something interesting happens when you declare a goal, a mission, to the world. The very act of revealing this – particularly when written down – makes it real. It’s then up to you to make it tangible and achievable. You’ve already made yourself accountable – the trick now is to stick with it even in the hard times.

Of course there may be downsides to this – our recent blog on the importance of SMART goal-setting (see here) also highlighted the potential dangers of telling others your goal.

In business however I believe that intelligent goal-setting – and crucially, the correct communication of this – is imperative to inspiring and motivating your workforce. There is little point in the leadership team setting out company goals for the coming year and then keeping these under lock and key! Cascading this information through an organisation will enable teams and individuals to align their role to the common purpose and unite in working together to reach this. Being part of a bigger purpose, achieving something bigger than ourselves is human nature – and of particular importance to millennials.

We asked five leading people practitioners their predictions and priorities for the coming year. See what they said here.

They’ve shown you theirs, now your turn…

What one thing do you resolve to change, to impact, to drive in 2016? I’ll be mulling over a glass of wine with my friends…until then, Happy New Year!

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