It's time to crack employee engagement

By Jane Sunley, best-selling business author and Founder of Purple Cubed

Employee engagement – I’m convinced it’s something most organisations could do a whole lot better. In my experience, the issues are threefold:

  1. People don’t really understand it
  2. They don’t really know how to do it
  3. Incomplete approach (often overcomplicated)

As experts in this field, last year Purple Cubed ran a fascinating piece of research. According to those interviewed for the qualitative section of the research, UK HR is behind the innovation curve when it comes to engagement. Many business leaders admitted there’s a worrying level of ambiguity around the subject and it’s just not helping ‘Team UK’ overall. Combine this with a prevailing climate that is not only volatile and uncertain, though also generally more complex and ambiguous, it’s clear that something must be done.

And don’t just take it from me:

  • Gallup’s 2015 workplace study across 142 countries revealed that only 13% of the workforce does little more than show up on time and meet minimum expectations
  • The Deloitte 2015 Human Capital Trends Report stated that the gap between what business leaders want and HR is delivering is widening
  • UK IIP’s 2015 Annual Jobs Exodus report found that 65% of employees are unhappy in their roles – which means that companies need to work a lot harder at attracting, engaging and retaining talent

I’d like to suggest that 2017 becomes the year when business really cracks this employee engagement issue. And if you’d like some help:

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Good luck!

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