How to unleash the power of an engaged workforce

Many hospitality businesses are worrying about candidate shortages, labour turnover and how they’re going to fuel profitability and growth with such a shortfall of people. We know (and this is backed up by Forbes and numerous others) that “high levels of employee engagement drive improved customer satisfaction, which impacts bottom line profits. The effectiveness of an individual leader is a key factor influencing engagement and this also impacts retention of talented employees, discretionary effort in the organisation and organisational profitability.” There is also compelling evidence of a clear correlation between manager effectiveness and engagement level. This, in turn, impacts the retention of existing teams and a company’s ability to attract great people. It’s a virtuous circle.

Therefore, by optimising people practices, leadership capability and accountability for engagement, together with clear ‘people KPIs’ (such as engagement score or employee net promoter scores), the value-add from your people will increase exponentially.

Many organisations still consider employee engagement to be a ‘HR issue’ and view HR as a soft skill. In a transactional HR function, the emphasis is on ‘hiring and firing’, managing employee issues and queries, taking care of leave and absence administration. It’s therefore difficult to quantify the added-value and transformational effects of using people software for many of the activities involved. Yet an average HR department spends an average of 60% of its time on a range of administrative processes, 30% on employee queries and issues and 10% on ‘the business’. Imagine the outcomes if that could be reversed…

Our view is to ‘uberise’ as many processes as possible, outsourcing and digitising transactional processes. Then HR’s role becomes about making sure the people plan is right (simple, joined-up, deliverable, monitored) and putting in place the methodology, tools and resources to be able to deliver on it. And who should be doing this delivering? The business, not HR. The only way that employee engagement can successfully be achieved and sustained is by the entire business being committed to, and capable of, making it happen.

For some businesses, this might mean adding processes that, perhaps, haven’t been happening. Essential functions that positively impact employee engagement, such as career conversations, succession planning, risk management feedback, goal management, opinion data capture; the stuff people know would be good to do though fall off the bottom of busy people’s lists because they are too cumbersome to do manually. This, unfortunately, can lead people to continue to accept the ‘hire, fire, start, leave’ state of affairs as acceptable.

Best Employer Catey winners 2016, Valor Hospitality Europe, have become talent magnets, enjoying low levels of labour turnover by digitising existing people processes and adding in a clear focus on employee engagement. At a recent Purple Breakfast Club event, Brian McCarthy, the CEO of this top-performing business, commented, “Everyone in the business has a responsibility for culture. We obsess over employee engagement; if engagement goes down so does commercial success – 30% of our GMs are internally promoted and therefore understand our culture.” Valor manages a portfolio of UK hotels branded under all the main brands – Hilton, Marriott and IHG. In four years engagement has moved from 74% to 89%. Wrapping this level of improvement in outstanding commercial processes has led to great value growth for the owners.

People are at the core of everything a hospitality business does and the importance of figuring out how to unleash the power of an engaged workforce is massive – don’t be left behind….


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