How are employers using social media to engage their teams?

Social media is all around us. It’s hard to avoid and is certainly difficult not to get caught up in. From Facebook to Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram there are many ways for your company to engage with the world from both consumer and employee points of view. So how can it be used internally as well as externally?

Just 13% of employees worldwide are engaged, according to Gallup’s State of the Global Workplace survey. In the same study, 50% of employees are posting messages, pictures or videos about their work and a third are doing so without encouragement from their employer.

With a little guidance companies can improve employee happiness and expand their social media network by involving them in day to day. Employees with socially-encouraging employers are significantly more likely to help boost sales than employees whose employers aren’t socially encouraging (72% vs. 48%, respectively according to Weber Shandwick).

It’s important to use social media to spread the word about your organisation through your employees. Not just through your content/marketing, instead by encouraging others to get involved, becoming company advocates. For example here at Purple Cubed we are all keen to spread the word. Anything from job vacancies, blogs, to photos from team events, we are all proud of what we do and want to share this with the outside world.

If you find the thought of your employees being ‘let loose’ on social media, remember they’re adults, by providing easy-to-use social media guidelines for your people you can ensure they have freedom of speech though are aware of the ‘non-negotiables’. And if they’re motivated to be negative about any aspect of your company as publicly as this, then you need to fix the reasons behind that rather than attempting to ‘muzzle’ people. You could even give them a ‘master class’ facilitated by a member of the team who is social media savvy. The possibilities are endless…

If you only do three things

  • Advocate the use of social media during the working day
  • Provide easy-to-use guidelines to using social media, whilst encouraging individuals to be themselves
  • Involve your employees in distributing content and driving recruitment
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