(Engaging) Service Please!

By Sarah O’Connell, Business Advisor


The clear alignment between customer experience and employee engagement…


A bustling city-centre restaurant. It’s a hot spot, so you’ve booked in advance. You’ve been wedged in the space between the register and the door for five minutes, with nothing but a cool nod from the distance to acknowledge your presence. Your eyes scanning the room for someone…anyone…who will give you attention, a seat – and hopefully, eventually, some food.

Likewise we’ve all experienced the happy opposite. When everything flows the way it should. Here, you are a genuinely valued customer, lapping up great service that reflects the style of the restaurant you’ve chosen to dine in. You feel good about yourself, and about the brand. You want to come back. You want to tell your friends.

Research proves that nearly three times as many of us will share a negative customer experience than a positive one. But why, in today’s VUCA world, where having a stand-out service culture can be a ‘make or break’ competitive edge, is this still being ignored? 

In the latter example, it’s impossible to see how businesses today can deliver this consistently and with style without having a people culture that matches. This inherent people promise (or employee value proposition) creates a sense of pride, community and fun in working for an organisation as well as recognition for a job well done often leading to progression.

The outcomes of our recent research campaign showed how having an engaged workforce (i.e. ‘the right people, in the right jobs, exceeding expectations, enthusiastically’) who have the means, opportunity and requisite sense of ownership is paramount to business success.

This is not about putting your people on a David Brent-style training course – it’s about recruiting to values, and embedding attitudes and behaviours which your people will ‘own’. Which encourages them to hold personal standards and aspirations in line with those of the organisation.

In this sense, having an engaged, enabled and empowered workforce should be considered the holy trinity for a high-performance, modern business culture. One which embraces people-centricity as the sole means of creating a true competitive advantage. 

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