Yapster and Purple Cubed announce partnership to bring shared users closer to their people platform

Yapster and award-winning people and tech experts, Purple Cubed are partnering to give shared users seamless access to people engagement platform, Talent Toolbox, through the Yapster app. Purple Cubed’s ongoing mission is to help great brands become amazing places to work. Talent Toolbox was the first product of its kind in the UK and has resulted in customer triumphs such as reductions in labour turnover by over 100%, increases in employee engagement and, for one client, an EBITDA improvement of £3million. Customers include established brands such as Planet Organic, YO!, and The Ritz London. Talent Toolbox will be hosted [...]

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How to improve mental health in the workplace

We’re thrilled to be able to tell you about our new ‘Purple Wellbeing Index’ which is due to launch in 2020. This is a simple yet powerful tool that will enable you to monitor the wellbeing levels across your organisation and enable people to self-assess and request support. Workplace stress not only causes a lot of lost sleep, it’s also triggering almost half of the UK workforce to look for an alternative job. Shock statistic time? Maybe, though not all that surprising really when you consider that, every day, the average person is bombarded with enough information to overload [...]

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Our latest thinking: Potential – thought leadership from Talent Toolbox

This article in brief: Potential is not just about skills and attributes. Identifying potential can no longer be a top-down affair. People’s aspirations and personal circumstances are a vital part of the mix, which is why self-assessment is vital. This can only happen fairly, consistently and easily with the right digital system in place with robust analytics to back it up. The term ‘potential’ has historically been used to indicate that an individual has certain qualities, such as behavioural characteristics, motivation, skills, abilities, experience and so on to effectively perform and contribute in [...]

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