The HR Revolution #6 Growing leadership capability – a three-minute read

During 2017, Purple Cubed interviewed more than 60 senior leaders across a wide variety of disciplines to find out how, in this vastly changed and changing world, organisations are successfully growing leadership capability. What we discovered was disappointing. Despite the third industrial revolution, the pace of change, and our volatile, ambiguous and complex climate, hardly anyone was veering off the traditional path. Leadership today goes beyond traditional business skills; it requires superior change management skills (thinking, problem solving, communication, emotional intelligence and so on…). It therefore makes sense to develop them universally – creating leaders at all levels. Holacracy [...]

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Future proofing your business – it’s about your people

The face of business is changing… Employees have more power than ever, they can influence culture, drive the customer experience, impact sales and influence the image of your employer brand. This power, if recognised and appropriately harnessed, can help businesses achieve a powerful competitive advantage in any industry. Attracting, developing, engaging and retaining the best talent is now, more than ever, the biggest challenge facing businesses small and large today. Put simply, great people make a great organisation; which is the key to future proofing. The business case for employee engagement is clear. While engagement and culture is considered [...]

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PURPLE Magazine: The People Analytics Edition

Inside the People Analytics edition, you will find: The Big Purple Breakfast Debate - October 2016 Business Breakfast event, we decided to bring together a panel of thinks and leaders who are using people analytics to enhance their people strategies. The debate threw up some interesting examples, opinions and heated discussions; particularly on the subject of ethics , the role of technology in the workplace and HR's role in data analysis. Instinct vs. Data - who will win the battle of the board room? How much is your workforce worth? Should businesses scrap annual appraisals? And more... [...]

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