How to… deliver sustainable employee engagement

The Caterer: If you want a happy and productive workforce, there are six essential building blocks that must be in place, says Simon Kitto, commercial director for employee engagement experts Purple Cubed

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TALENT TOOLBOX™ – Coffee Chats

Technology to help you cultivate a culture of open communication, enhance engagement and harness individual creativity to drive your business forward…

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The Colour of Success

Jane Sunley is the CEO of Purple Cubed talks to Corporate Vision about what makes her tick and led to her being awarded CEO of the Year 2017 in the Software and Technology Awards.

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5 minutes with… Jane Sunley

Talk Business: We chat to Jane Sunley, founder and chairwoman of tech company Purple Cubed, she tells us that companies need to optimise their people and how leaps of faith are necessary to drive your business forward

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L&D and embedding service excellence – getting the basics right!

HR Review: Learning and development (L&D) and embedding service excellence into your organisation aren’t rocket science. However, it’s surprising how many businesses still aren’t even getting the basics right whilst ignoring the ‘easy wins’ that cost little or nothing at all.

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The importance of hiring for culture in growth

Dialogue Review: For any business – large or small, local or global – growth is a welcome opportunity. Growing businesses need people.And they need to attract talented individuals who align with the organisational culture and values; and are ready to take the business to the next level...

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Why employee engagement must come from the top

Fresh Thinking Business: Few would deny that the delivery of a successful business strategy is dependent on people and that those people can make or break an organisation’s competitive advantage. Jane Sunley, founder + chairman of Purple Cubed and best-selling author explains why engagement must come from the top.

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