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When your people are returning to work from furlough or coming back to business after an extended break, it’s a critical time to: 

  • Think about engaging them so they can quickly become as productive as possible  
  • Update your understanding of their individual circumstances to help you plan logistics 
  • Understand their challenges so you can plan the best possible return to work arrangements for everyone 
  • Check up on their wellbeing, since healthy, happy people work more effectively 
  • Show you care how they feel and want to support them through challenging times 
  • Provide people with an opportunity to update you on any new skills and other changes that you might need to consider 
  • Ensure people have a structured channel through which to share their feelings and changes in circumstances 

In response, we’ve produced the Back to Business check in to:

  • Ensure your people are supported, cared for and engaged
  • Ease their transition, saving busy managers future hassle
  • Provide valuable insights around what’s changed, to manage proactively

We’ve made sure the input from line managers is kept to a minimum during these busy times when one to ones would be ideal, though there might not be resources to carry them out. So, there’s an option to share information virtually if meetings aren’t possible right now.

Team members will have an opportunity to comment on confidence levels, changes in circumstances, wellbeing, new skills, safety and any additional support needed so you can ensure their transition into ‘the new normal’ is as easy as possible.

How it works

  • We’ll collect a few details from you such as logo, colour scheme and up to three filter options

  • You’ll receive a link and example communication to send to your teams

  • Team member completes 12 simple questions

  • And has the option to share their results with their manager via email

  • We suggest people then use this to facilitate a discussion about how they feel

  • Once complete, we’ll send you a link with your company outcomes, data and tailored recommendations compiled by one of our experts

You can then use your outcomes to:

  • Pick up anyone who’s vulnerable or needs additional support

  • Plan your manpower/skills allocation more efficiently

  • Make business improvements

  • Show people that you’re listening and care about them

  • Understand people’s perceptions and feelings as a result of the pandemic


£750 (+VAT)
  • An easy to use ‘survey style’ check in that’s ready to share instantly
  • Ensures your people are supported, cared for and engaged during times of change and potential uncertainty
  • Provides valuable insights and consultancy backed by 19+ years of expertise
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The ‘Back to Business’ check in has allowed us to follow up with our team members on their return to the business, it is essential that we take the time to talk to our people and address any concerns they may have, but using Talent Toolbox we have the ability to keep all the information in one simple to use system

Nicola Forshaw - Director of Human Resoruces, The Landmark

Checking in with your people to find out about their changing circumstances and feedback as we all start to work out the new normal together is absolutely essential. Automating the process quickly and simply via the ‘Back to Business ‘check in is an absolute ‘no brainer’ for making sure people are consulted and listened to, when there are so many other priorities to deliver on

Lizzy Kelk - General Manager, Townhall Hotel


ASAP – we’ve made it simple and quick to implement so you can share the link and get started right away

Using your normal channels, explain that you want to make everyone’s return to work as smooth as possible – we’ll provide a template

This should be optional so there’s no chasing up of responses, though it’s in your people’s interests to input towards a smooth transition

The person completing the questions has the option to share their results with their manager or someone else in the business via email (we suggest people then use this to facilitate a discussion about how they feel). We will also send you a copy of all the data once completed

Allow 10 minutes max to get through the questions

You’ll receive a link and example communication to send to your teams who can then complete it on any device with an internet connection

It’s appropriate for anyone who would like to update their employer on their personal circumstances and feelings and doesn’t have to just be those returning to work

It’s made clear that you are gathering information for consideration and might not be able to act on all of it though are working on balancing everyone’s needs

We’ll use our 19+ years of expertise to analyse your results and provide tailored recommendations that you can action

The Back to Business check in has been carefully written based on our experience and the robust recommendations you’ll receive make actioning any outcomes straightforward for everyone

We’ve partnered with Typeform to create an easy to use check in that works great on every device. Typeform makes collecting and sharing information comfortable and conversational all whilst being extremely safe and secure.

You can find out more about Typeform and its security here

Check out Wellbee, a revolutionary new tool that allows people to not only assess their own wellbeing, though also receive personalised support and recommendations. You will be able to track overall progress and also see practical recommendations for improving wellbeing within your organisation.

You can get in touch with us to discuss the Back to business check in or anything else people related by clicking here