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Women of the year 2017 – Jane Sunley

Business author and Purple Cubed Founder, Jane Sunley will join over 400 women from all walks of life at the Women of the Year Lunch today as a ‘2017 Woman of Achievement’. Each guest is regarded as a ‘Woman of the Year’ and represents not only herself, but the millions of women who make a difference every day This year’s event will take place on Monday 16 October 2017 at the InterContinental Hotel, Park Lane, London. Previous attendees of the Women of the Year Lunch have included: Eimear McBride, Ellen MacArthur, Fern Britton, Dame Harriet Walter, Dame Jacqueline Wilson, [...]

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Future proofing your business – it’s about your people

The face of business is changing… Employees have more power than ever, they can influence culture, drive the customer experience, impact sales and influence the image of your employer brand. This power, if recognised and appropriately harnessed, can help businesses achieve a powerful competitive advantage in any industry. Attracting, developing, engaging and retaining the best talent is now, more than ever, the biggest challenge facing businesses small and large today. Put simply, great people make a great organisation; which is the key to future proofing. The business case for employee engagement is clear. While engagement and culture is considered [...]

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A recipe to master innovation

By guest blogger, Damian McAlonan Ask any executive what they mean by ‘being innovative’ and you’re likely to get a different set of answers ranging from the invention of new products to the application of new methods. Despite this, there’s one thing that unites all senior executives and that’s the desire to increase innovation within their organisations. In a recent McKinsey survey, 70% of senior executives acknowledged that innovation was one of their top three drivers for growth. However, almost two thirds said they were “somewhat,” “a little,” or “not at all” confident about how they could influence or [...]

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To deliver and strengthen a world-class brand and great reputation through your people (and let’s face it, who doesn’t want to do this?), it’s vital to attract the best people for your organisation. These are people who ‘get’ what you do as a business, that understand and believe in what you stand for. However, many organisations fail to define and communicate why people would want to work there, who will excel there, why they’d be attracted to the company and how this is communicated. It goes beyond having attractive recruitment advertising or an appealing careers section on the website, [...]

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Seeking inspiration: The most people-centric organisations in the UK – how they do it

Most businesses are familiar with the term ‘customer-centricity’; placing customers, their needs and desires at the centre of business strategy. People-centricity, also known as employee-centricity, however, is less well known. Coined in the last decade, it focuses on creating a business environment where your people are placed at the heart. Where the employer focuses on the engagement, satisfaction, development, happiness and wellbeing of the workforce so that the customer reaps the benefits. Various studies have found that creating a people-centric organisation has a direct and tangible impact upon the success of the business. Boosted profits, improved productivity and greater investment [...]

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Best Places To Work In Hospitality 2017 – The Outcomes

The best of the best in hospitality are identified via our unique employee led survey. This allows people to rate the aspects of their employment they consider important, providing valuable insights towards driving business improvements. We've put together the results of this years' survey, with the latest on what really makes a great place to work.

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