Antidote for Blue Monday

By Jane Sunley, best-selling business author and Founder of Purple Cubed

As you’ll read in the press, today is apparently the most depressing day of the year; the day when individuals feel most ‘blue’. The Christmas lights are long gone; December spending catches up as credit card bills arrive, people everywhere are ‘going dry’ for January, there’s no let up in bad weather. It’s therefore no surprise that Blue Monday can leave people feeling unhappy, unsatisfied and disengaged.

It’s time to stamp out the doom and gloom of Blue Monday by taking positive action to re-energise and re-engage yourself and your people. And, since January is a great time to put energy into planning the rest of the year, put in some positive actions to keep engagement and happiness levels high throughout 2016. After all, whether it’s Blue Monday or not, if your people aren’t productive then you / your team / your organisation won’t be productive and successful. If you’re not convinced:

  • Engaged companies grow profits as much as three times faster than their competitors
  • Highly engaged employees are 87% less likely to leave the organisation
  • A disengaged employee costs an organisation approximately $3,400 for every $10,000 in annual salary

(Sources: Corporate Leadership Council, McLean & Company)

Here are three Blue Monday antidotes to kick-start a more positive, productive and profitable 2016:

1. Think Culture– each year research highlights the growing importance of a clear culture and values in relation to employee happiness. Otherwise how will anyone understand ‘what we stand for’ and ‘how things are done around here’; working cohesively towards success? Explore with colleagues what your culture really means in the context of your roles.

2. Think Achievement– review company, team and personal goals. Celebrate achievements from the previous year; then create a buzz by ensuring you and everyone around you is crystal clear on where you’re headed in 2016.

3. Think Three Es:

  • Engagement – the right people, doing the right things, exceeding expectations, enthusiastically
  • Enabling – the means and opportunity to succeed in this
  • Empowerment

You and your employees will be most happy when you have the freedom to carry out your role, have the tools and support to do the job and and are encouraged to make decisions. If this isn’t happening in your organisation, make it happen within your span of control, and if you’re on the board, isn’t 2016 the time to take positive action to make it happen?


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