21st Century HR (no. two): Are you losing out on the best talent?

Jane Sunley, best-selling business author and Founder of Purple Cubed

Ever since the advent of technology as we know it, the world has moved faster and faster; every day new innovations help to speed up the ways we do things. Consequently, attention spans are shrinking.  ‘Order by 2pm and wear it tonight’. Today’s society does not want to wait.

Yet some organisations persist with long and complicated selection techniques. It’s not unheard of to attend multiple stages for a certain role. One person told me he’d been called back 11 times – what does that say about the way things are done in that organisation?

Perhaps this is about organisations striving to ‘get it right’ when actually they could end up missing out on the best talent.

So what’s the C21 response? How can you recruit faster yet effectively?

  • Target the right candidates: all of the tools are out there to go and seek out the right candidates thus cutting down the pool. Big data, meet-ups and forums, active sourcing… (Deloitte say they saved £6m through active candidate sourcing via LinkedIn for example).
  • Simplify the application process: find ways to make candidates think– the traditional CV approach tells you relatively little. At Purple Cubed we ask candidates to write 10 bullet points as to why they’re ‘the one’ plus a one page CV, for example. This simple technique enables us to reject anyone who doesn’t bother, as well as providing great insight into an applicant’s attitude, attributes and ability to write succinctly and compellingly. 
  • Pre-screening: by asking the right questions, a short phone interview can help speed up the process considerably, cutting down on wasted time for both parties. Consider also online testing for certain roles.

Beyond that comes the time when things do become more involved, though it’s still important to keep the process moving (not stalling because someone’s out of the country on business). Combine elements as far as possible.  Be clear on selection criteria and make a decision – fast.

Jane Sunley is a best-selling business author and Chairman + Founder of Purple Cubed. Her latest title ‘The People Formula – 12 Steps to Productive, Profitable, Performing Business is available at Amazon

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