21st Century HR (no. three): Collaborative Hiring

Jane Sunley, best-selling business author and Founder of Purple Cubed

Without the right people, growth and profitability are impeded. It makes sense, therefore, to use whatever tools are available, to not only hire the right people, though to give them the best possible chance of success.

How can this be the case when new hires are ‘imposed’ upon team members by a ‘third party’? Managers often say they ‘don’t have time’. The clever use of C21 technology plus a more inclusive approach will soon sort that out. Not only should leaders / managers choose their own people, team members are vital too. Enter collaborative hiring, whereby a wider group of employees evaluate prospective candidates.

It worked for Steve Jobs at Apple; Pret a Manger have been doing it for years. Benefits include:

  • Increased likelihood of ‘hiring right’
  • Diversity / eradication of unconscious bias – stops managers ‘hiring in their own likeness’
  • New hire experiences organisation, culture and people
  • Empowers and involves team (adult-adult behaviour)
  • Team feel more respected, developed and take ownership
  • Team ‘believe’ in the new hire – more likely to do what it takes to make things work out
  • The people at the sharp-end understand the role and dynamics far better than you do; you’re accessing valuable expertise


1.   A simple yet robust application process (see ‘Are you losing out on the best talent?’)

2. First and second interviews with an appropriate mix of interviewers, including team members

3. Psychometrics and an exercise prior to second interview, which then evaluates their results

4. Successful shortlisted candidates spend half a day in the office, including lunch with the team

5.   Once the candidate has left, those who are in the office ‘vote’ on whether they are a fit for the business and the role on offer. Only those who have spent time with the candidate are eligible to vote.


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