21st Century HR (no. seven): The Six Essential Building Blocks to HR Success…

Jane Sunley, best-selling business author and Founder of Purple Cubed

When looking at the often complex, ambiguous and potentially confusing subject of Employee Engagement, it’s not unusual to dive into the tactical. While this is important, there are six fundamentals that have to be in place for Employee Engagement to work sustainably. These are:

1. Getting the board on board: by doing your homework and knowing your stuff, establishing the business case through clear and simple communication, working out sensible business metrics and negotiating investment you need to really make a difference.

2. Culture and values: really getting to the bottom of the ‘glue’ that makes your organisation distinct and special; and defining it simply. However, the challenging, though essential work is in making sure people are delivering on it over and over.

3. Digitise: you’re going to need a people hub where people can go to give and receive feedback and information. Where they can plan their careers and development. And you’ll need access to clear analytics to be able to plan and deliver your people strategy. What’s needed is a big-picture approach.

4. Employer brand: you need this for your market reputation to attract people who can perform well with you. Your employer brand has to reflect the consumer one. In the same way you work out your customer offer, you’ll need to work out your people promise – and deliver on it.

5. Health and wealth: whist remuneration isn’t a top motivator (our research says it is #9 on a list of employment priorities) it is important to be fair and/or open about your reasons for being unable to do better.

6. Communication: make sure it’s open, two-way, ongoing and most of all honest. Be clear about expectations and accountability. Ensure that frameworks and a variety of mechanisms for great communication are firmly in place so that people know where to find what they need, when they need it.

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