21st Century HR (no. one): Have you moved over to jobographics?

Jane Sunley, best-selling business author and Founder of Purple Cubed

With the rise and rise of social media recruitment, it’s time for a more creative approach to recruitment advertising. Enter the jobograph – a job ad in infographic form.

According to scientists, the average human attention span has fallen to just eight seconds – that’s less than a goldfish (nine seconds according to a Microsoft backed study). This is due to the mobile revolution and the corresponding increase in the quantity and quality of information. So if you’re looking to attract the best talent, your recruitment collateral has to stand out – fast.

The majority of businesses are now accessing social media to recruit and communicate directly with candidates.  Therefore, the content you put out there cannot follow traditional lines – it’ll be lost in the tidal wave. The jobograph will help you to stand out. And of course, recruitment marketing that strongly reflects your employer brand will have a positive impact on overall brand recognition and reputation, quality applicant flow and, if well crafted, will reduce time and cost per hire.

Key skills required for producing compelling jobographics include:

  • Big picture – the ability to sift out everything but the essentials
  • Writing – in a clear, compelling style using words that reflect your brand
  • Creativity – to design a visually appealing format (avoid just copying someone else’s – this is your brand)

All of this will be a waste of time, however, if your recruitment process doesn’t match your new 21st Century approach. Still making people fill in long, boring forms? Then taking weeks to decide on the right candidate because of an over-complicated process? You may well be missing out on the best talent so that will need a rethink too…

Old job ad vs Jobographics

Jane Sunley is a best-selling business author and Chairman + Founder of Purple Cubed. Her latest title ‘The People Formula – 12 Steps to Productive, Profitable, Performing Business is available (available at Amazon and other good bookshops)

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