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The tendering process - harm or harmony?

Jane Sunley - Managing Director

Opinion: unless handled well, the tendering process can prevent companies achieving the best from their suppliers

A couple of weeks ago an invitation to tender for a leadership programme turned

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What do your messages really communicate

Jessica Cain - Managing Director learnpurple Bristol

What do the messages you send out say about you?

At the beginning of 2009, mass media reporting on how tough things will become seems to have lead some organ

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A time to think

Helen Flint - Learning and Development Director

I recently went to a lecture given by Nancy Kline, author of 'Time to Think'. I'd heard a lot of fellow coaches rave about her book but hadn't quite got ar

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learnpurple Bristol Launches

We are all very excited here in the purple palace in London, because now there is a purple palace in Bristol too! The New Year sees the new office opening, led by our very own Jessica Cain.

learnpurple has built up a much admired brand and an enviable reputation for helping our clients achieve real results through their people (even if we do say so ourselves!). And now the new Bristol based office will cover Somerset, Avon, South Gloucestershire and Wales; so many more companies can become great places to work.

Bristol stood out to us as the place to be says learnpurple managing director Jane Sunley. As well as many of the hospitality groups we work with who have a presence in Bristol, many of our retail clients have moved in and set up shop in the brilliant new Cabot Circus. And I know there are many other organisations who will benefit from our bottom line focused approach.As you well know Jane established learnpurple in September 2001 as a direct response to the high employee turnover that plagued service industries like hospitality and retail. In these challenging times, now more than ever, smart service business must ensure they have robust people plans in place. And service has to be spot on. So this is an ideal time to branch out into a new region, as challenges around talent retention and people engagement are once again thrust to the forefront of people's minds.

When looking at the current financial climate, there can only be one route to take; creative solutions to retain, develop and engage the great people you have. To keep them motivated and productive and keeps hearts and minds engaged in your organisation. Our clients report impressive percentage decreases in labour turnover and significant increases in motivation and productivity, which means cost reductions and increased profit, commented Jessica Cain managing director, learnpurple Bristol.

learnpurple Bristol has put together a comprehensive calendar of learning. This includes the ever-popular learning bites; 90 minutes of education, inspiration and motivation. And our Institute of Hospitality endorsed management development programmes. Bristol will of course, also be offering bespoke solutions to suit clients individual needs.

Obviously we are here to support Jessica and Simon (her co-Director) with anything they might need and we are confident that Jess will bring her enthusiasm and drive to the new office and make it just as fabulous as ours.

Contact learnpurple Bristol on T 01179 739249 E info@learnpurplebristol.com

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What price people cuts?

By Jane Sunley, Managing director, learnpurple & talent toolbox

People are reporting job losses on a daily basis though what effect is this really having on service industries and how will they recover afterwards?

Last we

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New Year, New You

By Jane Sunley

The six year olds' perspective on resolutions:

I spent much of the New Year's break explaining the concept of New Year's resolutions to two six year olds and fielding questions like &

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Work life balance - how do you rate?

Today, work life balance (WLB) is an increasingly significant management issue yet despite the fact that many companies are ideally placed to offer WLB, few employers (large or small) currently have working policies in place. Research shows that

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iPods, iPhones and the iGeneration

By Jo Harley, Director

We were talking in the office yesterday about being students and the things we used to get up to, when a colleague mentioned she spent a lot of time on MSN and texting people. Her face was a pictu

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