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Employee values that mean business

Last week I (Jane Sunley) met with a prospective client and the conversation turned to the importance of values and culture within business. 

In the room were the CEO and HR director; both of whom stated that having clearly defined values were vital to the success of their business. They assured me that all of their people knew what the business stood for. I recommended putting this theory to the test. We asked an employee if they could state the five company values. Struggling after the second, it was clear that perhaps their people weren't as aware as first thought. So I then flipped this back to the CEO and HRD; could they name all of the values? They managed three (between them) before pulling out the values chart...

Is it any surprise then that their people struggled to understand what the business stood for, the core values each business unit was supposed to live by, when their senior management team could not articulate their five simple straight away?

This article originally appeared in HR Magazine. To read in full click the below link,

Employee values that mean business

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Winning behaviours to master our motivation

by Caroline Cooper, learnpurple associate

On Sunday morning the washing machine flooded, a saucepan boiled over and I burnt the toast. I just managed to stop myself blaming everyone and the world.

Although on this occasion this

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Winging it

By Stephen Yates, learnpurple associate

People know me well - show me a boarding pass to the business lounge and I will see you at the check in desk. Lucky for me, working long arduous hours abroad comes with a few perks; travelling bus

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How to motivate without money

This article originally appeared in Management Today

By Elizabeth Anderson (Management Today)  

Unless you're Bob Diamond, bonuses are a thing of the past and even giving employees a raise looks doubtful. The good news is that there are other ways of motivating them.


The prospect of discussing money (or the lack of) is enough to get any boss perspiring. But don't be tempted to put off questions about a wage increase in the hope it gets forgotten. The chances are your staff will have a good idea of the financial state of the company. 'Tell it how it is. You need a frank discussion with your team to say we can't afford to pay you any more but what else can I do to help?' says Carole Spiers, business consultant and occupational stress adviser.

Ask the team 

It's easy to get so swept up thinking of solutions in board meetings that you forget to ask the people who matter: your colleagues. And the results can be surprising. A few years ago, Kwik Fit Insurance asked its call centre staff what would make them happier at work. Taking leave in two-hour blocks was one idea. They also wanted lids for their coffee cups, so they could drink at their desk without cutting into their breaks. 'They're simple suggestions but are unlikely to come out of a board meeting with senior managers,' says Jane Sunley, chief executive of consultancy learnpurple, which specialises in employee engagement.

Include staff

Sunley, who works with the Maybourne Group, owner of Claridge's and the Berkeley Hotel, says the hotels put a map on the wall of the staff canteen. When people join the company they put a pin on the country they're from. 'It welcomes them to the team and is good for communication,' she says. A social office is often a happy one. Organise get-togethers, whether it's paintballing sessions or a small glass of wine in the staff room at the end of an afternoon. Helping a charity is another way to give workers a common purpose and a feel-good factor.

To read this article in full click here.

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Hotelympia 2012 – Survival guide

With so many exhibitors, seminars, competitions and demonstrations at Hotelympia 2012 it will be easy to find yourself overwhelmed. We [Caterer and Hotelkeeper] explain how to get the best out of the event.

A day at Hotelympia can be daunting. When faced with the 15,000sq m of London Excel, 700 exhibitors and a packed schedule that doesn't waste five minutes, the key is preparation. "Get organised before you go," says Jane Sunley, CEO of talent-retention specialists learnpurple. "Check in advance who and what's going to be there and then plan your route - it'll save you time and ensure you're not going back on yourself."

This article originally appeared in Caterer and Hotelkeeper. Click here to read in full.

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POP: Power of Persuasion

By Dipesh Patel, work experience student at learnpurple        


Award winning American illusionist Seth Freeman issued the challenge to think about the following statement: Read More

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