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: TALENT TOOLBOX™ - Coffee Chats

TALENT TOOLBOX™ - Coffee Chats

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What if you had a cool yet efficient way to trigger, structure and record ongoing one to ones between your managers and employees? Wouldn’t it be great if that level of open dialogue was available to everyone in your business? Enabling you to cultivate a culture of open communication, enhance engagement and harness individual creativity to drive your business forward…

Enter the Coffee Chats feature on Talent Toolbox™: Quick, easy and user-friendly ongoing tech tool which, amongst other features, allows you and your team to open up dialogue, review progress and performance, agree future goals and a whole lot more

• Ideal for multi-site businesses, team members can drive input and ask for support when they need it. Managers record important information as and when it happens and can also request a coffee chat whenever they need to.

• With simple yet robust tracking, coffee chats are all about the outputs, ensuring that quality conversations result in actions.


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• In contemporary business, employees need to have a voice and be able to influence their own progress. They crave the information to enable them to deliver an excellent job, keep in the know, remain inspired and understand how well they are doing.

• Your people are the ones ‘doing the doing’, who often have the best ideas. It’s therefore essential to consult and involve people from the bottom up. This way they will know what’s going on and buy into the decisions made, often having ideas which can boost sales and profit, enhance service standards and save you money.

• Technology can help you streamline communication providing a platform that is easy to use, creating greater efficiency and more opportunities for ongoing, productive and open dialogue. Communication is not a difficult concept; it is a challenge to deliver well. It takes time and effort, which is why many businesses put off investing in it. Yet done well, it will bring about bottom line benefits due to increased motivation, performance and productivity.



Talent Toolbox™ is an award-winning technology that digitises essential people processes that affect employee engagement such as communication, development review, goal management, and succession planning. It’s intuitive, user-friendly tech has been designed with both the company and employee in mind. It empowers employees to drive their career development while also enabling business leaders to ensure people know what’s going on and can give valuable feedback – all of this helps shape the people function into a driving force, contributing to business success. Talent Toolbox™ reinforces your business culture, engages and empowers your workforce, tracks talent, enables progression and provides a real feel-good factor.


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