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Blog : Creating your people promise


Creating your people promise

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By Jon Reed, Operations Director at Purple Cubed

To deliver and strengthen a world-class brand and great reputation through your people (and let’s face it, who doesn’t want to do this?), it’s vital to attract the best people for your organisation.

These are people who ‘get’ what you do as a business, that understand and believe in what you stand for. However, many organisations fail to define and communicate why people would want to work there, who will excel there, why they’d be attracted to the company and how this is communicated. It goes beyond having attractive recruitment advertising or an appealing careers section on the website, although both of those will be part of it. And once you link it your consumer brand, well, now we’re talking…

By thinking of your employees and prospective employees as ‘consumers’, it’s possible to craft an employer brand which allows you to:

  • Build your reputation as an organisation for which people want to work
  • Attract the best, most appropriate talent
  • Strengthen relationships with existing and potential employees
  • Enhance your consumer brand

The employer brand starts with the people promise – a statement of everything to do with each employee’s experience throughout their life-cycle within the organisation. In short, it’s the answer to “what can I expect here?” and encapsulates things such as your mission, values, leadership, culture, benefits, progression and development opportunities.

Remember, your people promise may well be a work in progress that evolves as you go along. Just remember to start simple and add, rather than taking elements away (unless they no longer work for you and your people).

1. Write down everything you offer now. Ensure you include things such as your mission, values, culture, benefits, progression and development opportunities.

2. Consult your people about what they think and how well you deliver; ask them what could make it better. What would they value?

3. Work out what’s feasible now, later, never. It’s important not to overpromise things you won’t be able to deliver on.

4. Craft your people promise. You could include things like; how things are done around here, the way people are led and managed, how communication works, commitment to development & employee progression, reward & recognition.

5. Write it down, simply, clearly defining your promise.

6. Market test it ensuring that it feeds through your entire organisation, starting from the owner, board, the CEO or MD. It is not just an ‘HR initiative’.

7. Communicate your promise very clearly, referencing point three.

8. Deliver on your promise. You will have created significant competitive advantage. What’s not to love?

9. Review and refine it. Your people promise is a way of life to be built upon, updated, cosseted and cherished.

10. Keep communicating it. You need to make your organisation a great place to work and shout about it. Only then will your people promise shine out and the best talent come flocking.


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