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Blog : 21st Century HR (#4): The pre-joining opportunity


21st Century HR (#4): The pre-joining opportunity

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Jane Sunley, best-selling business author and Founder of Purple Cubed

So you find a new hire though they’re not due to start with you yet. What do you do?  Send out conditions of employment with their offer letter? Wait to present this riveting document on the first day?

C21 HR-ers max out the opportunities of the ‘old job winding down period’ by building on the momentum of the hiring. The advantages of getting organised here and putting some effort into sending out an enticing package of goodies include:

  • Racking up some ‘engagement points’
  • Getting the new hire job ready (or some way towards it)
  • Setting the scene for the future Making people feel involved and part of the team
  • Upping the new hire’s chances of success


As soon as a job offer is accepted, the line manager responsible puts together a package of information and activities. It’s important to make sure the scope of this is manageable for the new hire, and they know it’s optional, bearing in mind timescales and other commitments they may have, so it’s discussed at second interview or offer stage.

This package might include:

  • Clear, comprehensive induction plan – exciting, varied, interesting
  • Handbook (visually appealing, simple, fun) including values information
  • Information to research (product, client, other)
  • A challenge or project Online or other learning
  • A copy of our latest book Instructions for choosing (and making contact with) their buddy
  • Invitations to any company events that are coming up before and after start date
  • Conditions of employment (gets the boring bit out of the way ahead of day one)

and so on…

Jane Sunley is a best-selling business author and Founder of Purple Cubed. Her latest title ‘The People Formula – 12 Steps to Productive, Profitable, Performing Business is available at Amazon

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