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Blog : Work Experience: Tale of Three Emilys


Work Experience: Tale of Three Emilys

by Emily Campbell, Work Experience Student

Work experience is something all young people must carry out from year 10 onwards (15+) and for many of us, it can be stressful. If you know what you want to be and what experience will be useful for you I imagine it must be plain sailing but I wasn’t one of those young people. This meant I searched through the internet and found learnpurple who had recently won the award for work placement of the year (10-250 employees). The award was definitely given out to the correct company because they put so much effort into making my experience as good and as worthwhile as possible.

As soon as I received the email from Emily Moore saying they would be delighted to have me join them for a week I was ecstatic.

And then the additional friendly and inviting emails from her reassured me I had chosen the right place (well really I was thankful that they chose me!). When you are a work placement student, you are walking into a grown-up world that you probably have never experienced before and it is really nerve wracking. The first thing I noticed was how friendly everybody was, which quickly calmed my nerves. I was introduced to everyone and they all were so lovely; I immediately felt like one of the team and that I could be useful.

After my full introduction, I was given my amazingly organised schedule for the week, which gave me my tasks for each day. Because I didn’t know what I wanted to do Emily had drawn together a schedule of all the different office functions to give me a rounded experience and maybe find something I did see myself doing in the future.

The rest of my week did not disappoint. The second day was just as busy and exciting as the first. I spent my morning working on a project for another Emily; Emily Perry the Marketing Manager. I was responsible for getting articles ready to later scan so that they could go onto the learnpurple website. This was my first real insight into the world of learnpurple, because I got to see the different articles that they had been mentioned in and the positive reviews others had given.

In fact each activity helped me gain valuable tools, including research skills, presentation  skills, numerical skills and writing skills, and each will benefit me in the future, and I have learnpurple to thank for that.

My week continued according to plan, and as I got to know staff members better, my comfort and excitement levels rose and my nerves decreased. 

The location of the office was amazing. Being right in the heart of Covent Garden, meant that my week was never boring. Each day I would be able to go and see some of the famous street performers, and I would get that ‘I know I have seen you here before’ smile from the workers in café Nero when I went to go and buy my lunch.

Altogether my time at learnpurple will never be forgotten and this week really helped me mature as an individual. I learnt a lot about the world of work, and it taught me that I need to appreciate the few more years of education that I have before I go into a hard working job. The skills I have learnt have been so valuable and will definitely help me in the future when I have to try and find a job of my own. And on a final note, I’d like to say to all companies that have considered taking on a work placement student but felt shy – please do it. It is a real investment in the workers of tomorrow.


Does your company invest in the citizens of tommorrow? Do you have an exceptional experience of giving a young person an insight into the working world you'd like to share?

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