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Blog : Why trust is a value that can’t be lost


Why trust is a value that can’t be lost

by Ben Buet, Business Development Manager

Everywhere you look and hear at the moment people are talking about the News of the World and on Sunday 10th July it ceased to be. And why was that? Lack of sales? No. The iconic newspaper closed after 168 years of publishing due to series of allegations which made clear that the newspaper breached the trust of all who dealt with it. The newspapers position quickly became untenable and therefore announced that it would no longer be published.

learnpurple has always been upfront with its values and trust has always been one of ours from our inception back in 2001. We tell it the way it is. Trust is everything.

In 2004, the world famous philosopher, Kieron O’Hara echoed this thinking in his bestseller From Socrates to Spin when he said  “...a crisis in trust is currently gripping Western culture... trust is the big issue of the 21st century". Without trust relationships suffer extraordinary damage – without trust even 168 year old companies can cease to trade.

Trust is the key to almost every situation -whether it is trusting your manager or trusting a product, service, or newspaper.  If you don’t trust who you are dealing with you will never have full confidence in them.  Think about it, have you ever given something to someone who you did not trust? Of course not! As we said when we launched 10 years ago and as we still say today – trust is everything.

And in the workplace this is probably more important than anywhere else. When trust between employees and companies breaks down, employees cease being engaged with their work and a downward spiral begins; ending with a clear impact on the bottom line.

A lot of the time trust is eroded because of a breakdown in communication.  However, an open and honest conversation between the involved parties can help no end – and often turn a difficult situation into a great one. It can be as simple as a weekly meeting - giving your people a chance to say voice their concerns and you the opportunity to highlight their achievements as well as work together on the challenges ahead.  With this connection come the seeds of trust.

Meetings are a great way to ensure communication does not breakdown and trust stays strong. Here at learnpurple we are open and always encourage feedback. Everybody has a weekly meeting with their line manager and every quarter the whole company gets together.  But meetings alone don’t ensure everyone knows what is going on.  We each complete an annual opinion survey and online appraisal system (talent toolbox) annually. On top of that, on a day-to-day basis our CEO has an open door policy that truly means...the door is open! 

Of course with the News of the World trust was irrevocably breached and the brand damaged; there really was no other option than to shut it down. 

This whole debacle should have every company thinking about how important trust is to a business – because, and as the News of the World has so publically demonstrated, without it you have nothing.

It would be great to hear some of your examples of great communication and trust you have with your company!

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