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Blog : Why Purple Cubed?


Why Purple Cubed?

By Jo Harley - Director

Last week we revealed our secret; on the 13.03.13 learnpurple became Purple Cubed. The question that we have been asked the most since revealing this is ‘Why?’
Over the last few years we have changed many things about the way that our company works, aside from our focus on marketing, bringing our tech team in house and investing in our purple people, the products and services that we offer are now way more than ‘a bit of training’ or ‘online appraisals’. Our purple people ‘get’ our approach towards joined up talent management. The companies we work with a lot ‘get it’ too. However compare these perceptions to how we are viewed by those beyond our immediate client base and there is a far less clarity. This left us with a job to do! 
The name learnpurple was generally perceived as funky and cool though many people had little grasp of the range of our expertise and experience.  I guess this stands to reason when we had ‘learn’ as half of our name though learning and development, although important, is a relatively small part of what we do; and even that isn’t your normal ‘chalk and talk’ training.
So even though learnpurple was a well-established and distinctive brand, we took the decision to rebrand. After nearly 12 years it’s time for us to stand up and showcase what we are really about; how using the Purple Plan© and the technology that supports it can impact profitably on the 12 stages of the employee journey.  From establishing culture and values; making sure you are attracting the right talent through your employer brand and how to ensure sustainable engagement, right through to succession planning; talent management and people strategy we can ensure our clients are profitable, people-centric and great places to work.
We are introducing a range of Purple Clubs to complement our breakfast event so people can share their knowledge, expertise and experience and we’re determined to continue as the ‘go to’ company that organisations in the hospitality and service industries  use to get the people stuff right. As Robert Cook, CEO of Devere Hotels and Village Urban Resorts, said at our launch event “People are the key to our success, and Purple Cubed were the first people I called when I started this role.”
We are still everything that we were as learnpurple, and are still driven by our purpose; transformation and our values , it may be the end of one brand, but it is definitely the start of something very big and exciting. I’m already in love with Purple Cubed – how about you? 

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