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Blog : What do your messages really communicate


What do your messages really communicate

Jessica Cain - Managing Director learnpurple Bristol

What do the messages you send out say about you?

At the beginning of 2009, mass media reporting on how tough things will become seems to have lead some organisations into a deadly trap!

Terrible mail-outs, written hastily with mistakes galore, sent to unqualified addresses who probably aren't interested, promising credit crunching discounts -Is this the category really want your business to fall into?

Times are tough and competition is everywhere. Now is not the best time to spread confusion about who you are and what you offer. Some organisations that once stood for quality of product and service are now the main culprits for bombarding clients with big, bold, spam-like emails promising the world and delivering less than they used to.

In these times of change it is a time for keeping things really simple. As one of learnpurple's core values, keeping it simple is what we aim to do and never more so than in 2009. It is crucial to us that our clients understand what we can do for them and that they know how to access it as easily and effectively as possible.

Clients need to see your brand as head and shoulders above your competitors and as a beacon for quality, value and service.

How do you achieve that elevated status? Well a great place to start is with the messages you send out. Here are a few dos and don'ts about constructing and broadcasting these message to get started with:

DO make your messages clear and concise so that your potential and current clients can easily understand what you are letting them know.

DO make messages consistent - that is to say without any contradictions. Your client needs to know that you do what you say and will not let them down, especially in changing times.

DO make messages simple and easy for your clients to repeat to others. Word of mouth is an amazing free marketing tool. In the words of author, guru and Purple People's hero Seth Godin, "Get your clients 'sneezing' about you."

DON'T make the mistake of thinking you know your customer inside out. Really finding out what makes them 'tick' is vital. This allows you to use the words and phrases they use so your message reaches them in a package that makes sense.

DO get someone to check your messages. A second pair of eyes is always crucial in avoiding mistakes.

Most importantly gain permission to send your clients messages. Once you have the right to contact people, they are far more likely to listen. And if you've bult up positive, lasting relationships with them, they'll want to hear from you.

Finally work on the content, then work on it again, then again and again - do you get the message?

Why not go on our Business Writing MDP to make sure the written messages you are sending out are making the impact they should!

Or if you are interested in the impression you make when you meet people, and the messages you convey, you or your team might be interested in our Image and the Brand You learning bite.

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