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Blog : Transform your organisation. Skills for chefs


Transform your organisation. Skills for chefs

Transform_Your_Organisationlearnpurple was set up in 2001 to tackle skills shortages and other key people issues within the hospitality industry. A key focus has been on chefs. Our work centres on employee engagement, learning and development and the retention of talent. We are therefore delighted to be linked with the "Skills for Chefs" initiative and to be working in partnership with The Spread: Recipe & Directory book for Catering Professionals. Over the years we have worked with many chefs and our trainers and associates are always thoroughly inspired by working with such talented, creative and driven individuals. We've seen some exceptional leadership skills and discipline and we're very enthusiastic about helping to promote best practice within this sector of the industry.

Our Training Director, Mary Jane Flanagan, who has recently trained chef teams at "Fifteen" and "The Fat Duck" restaurants, commented: "Chefs are a joy to train. They have an innate desire to learn, to do better and (hurrah!) possess the drive to pass on this learning and expertise to others. This makes them some of the best leaders of any industry. From our beginnings within hospitality, we now work with organisations in all sectors and I can tell you that anyone from a banker to a retailer could learn from our head chefs. The teams I've trained exuded passion for the product, for the job, for their colleagues and for the companies they work for."

It's great to see so many organisations and individuals involved with this initiative and showing an excitement and enthusiasm for developing these talented professionals.

If you would like further information about how learnpurple could assist you in developing, engaging and retaining your talented chefs (and perhaps other team members too) then please contact sally@learnpurple.com

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