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Blog : Throw the book at them


Throw the book at them

People development can take many forms; mentoring, coaching, traditional classroom based training. However little credit is given to the very simple, yet highly effective method of reading.

Although it doesn’t suit everyone, for people who enjoy reading for pleasure, it’s worth tasking them with reading a relevant business book, taking key lessons and feeding them back to teams or relevant people in the organisation; ensuring you cover all learning styles. Here are 10 reasons why we love a good book:
1. Expanding vocabulary
When reading literature of different genres, it is likely that you will encounter words you may not use in your regular every day conversations. The beauty of this is that there is no need to search for a definition as in most cases, your brain will automatically tell you what the word means from the context of the piece. Reading not only helps expand vocabulary, but also improves literacy.
2. Fight stress
The richness and rhythm of the written language soothes the psyche and rids the body of stress. Apparently reading science fiction before bed is particularly helpful.
3. Reading develop thinking processes
When we read, we have more thinking processes going on; this helps to comprehend the ideas of the book and as a result enables the brain to organise data.
4. Reading develops cognitive abilities
The positive effect of reading on our cognition; the ability to reason and acquire knowledge is another key advantage.
5. Reading protects the brain
We are often told to keep active as we get older, both physically and mentally. According to latest research, reading does indeed protect against brain disorders; that is because when we read, our brain is stimulated and improves.
6. Gain confidence
Books not only relax us and keep us alert, but they also make us more confident in aptitude and knowledge. When people demonstrate deeper knowledge of a topic in a conversation they automatically start behaving more confidently. In addition recognition of intellectual capabilities by other people has a positive effect on self-esteem.
7. Promotes creativity
Creative people can generate several great ideas at the same time. When reading, thought processes sparked which can often result in idea generation.
8. Reading improves sleep
People who make a habit of reading before they go to bed, find their bodies become accustomed to the nightly ritual; becoming a signal for the body to relax and then fall to sleep; allowing for a good night and an even better next day.
9. Focuses concentration
Focusing on the content of the book; to comprehend what is going on is useful in other activities, whether at home or at work as it helps develop logical thinking and objectivity.
10.  Develop aspirations
Reading provides insights into how others live their lives and do things; it also provides fantasy and escapism. All management books, self help books and the like are based on the reader’s desire to change something about the way they live or work.
So what book are you reading? Tell us about the last business book you read and how it has influenced you.

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