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Blog : There are no such things as coincidences


There are no such things as coincidences

By MJ Flanagan - Training Director  learnpurple


Almost twenty years ago I read a book called the Celestine Prophesy by James Redfield which had such a profound affect on me that I have followed the principles within it ever since. People who know me hear me talk about being “Karma Neutral” – what you give is what you get, this is partly based on my reading The Prophecy.

Although a work of fiction, this book attracts many readers because it deals with spiritualisation, growth and even our reason for being here. Heavy stuff? Maybe, though the learning is interspersed within the story. In brief, this is the tale of a man who goes in search of ancient manuscripts in the rain forests of Peru, having been told about them by a friend. The book then follows his journey and as he finds each manuscript, he shares the insights and messages with the reader.

The Celestine Prophecy contains secrets that are changing our world and the way we think. Drawing inspiration from ancient wisdom, the book urges the reader to make connections amongs the events happening in one’s own life right now, which the book describes as not a mere coincidence but a message or indication from a different energy level.

There are 9 insights that build on the above, below are the ones that most resonate with me:

  1. Everything happens for a reason, there is no such thing as coincidence, events were meant to happen to lead you to higher things, more opportunities or greater insights. You have the option of acknowledging them and acting accordingly or ignoring them. One should be aware of the little happenings in life that occur. It’s important to be aware of the ‘coincidences’ in life. The best example I can give would be when you are thinking of someone and then they call, or you suddenly see them across the road. Make a point of crossing to talk to them, or picking up the phone and really listening to what they say as there is a reason why you came into contact with them.
  2. We should keep ourselves open and should be ready to receive. As mankind we should become more spiritually aware. This obviously allows you to act on the coincidences that happen. We could say have a more finely tuned emotional intelligence.
  3. Be aware of the energy we give out and take from others. People should be aware that they lie not in a material world and materialistic universe, but in a universe of dynamic and sacred energy. The book points out that human beings and all living things are energy. What you express to others and what you receive from others is energy. People can fail to recognise their potency in channeling this energy or receiving it from other sources; we live on others’ energies as much as we give them out.  This is where ‘karma neutral’ comes in.Competing for more energy at the expense of others creates conflicts.

The book may well be 18 years old but it has never gone out of print and just recently found myself in a seminar where it was used to illustrate how it’s possible to become better at networking and make connections.

When people attend networking functions they tend to either look for the most interesting people (roughly translated to “Can we work together?”) and whilst talking then have an eye over their shoulder waiting for the next most interesting person to walk in. “Done that, swapped cards, move on”. Why not stop a while and get to know the person in front of you, instead of “selling” why not try to build relationships and get to know them better. Or people tend to stick to the people they know instead of introducing themselves to the one on his own in the corner. Why not try and meet someone new, you never know where it might lead to. My mum always taught me when interacting with others to be interested as well as interesting. Those that have a wider network are able to achieve more as there have access to better resources and expertise.

Having positive energy when working can draw people to you and according to the latest research project by MIT Sloan (2011) can improve job prospects. Let’s face it, who wants to work with someone who is miserable and negative all the time. 

In the 21st century there are more ways in which coincidences can happen and where people can feel your energy. It would be interesting to hear how James Redfield feels about Linked in, Twitter and Facebook and when we add that spin to his writings it becomes even more relevant. According to a new facebook survey carried out in 2011 which looked at the connection between all 750 million users it seems that the 6 degrees of separation which link us to others has shrunk to 3.74 degrees.

So if you only do three things:

  1. Be more aware of and open to opportunities
  2. There is no such thing as a coincidence; you were in that place and time with that person for a reason. Listen to what they have to say and act on it.
  3. Be aware of the energy you give to others and what you take and make it positive.

What so called ‘coincidences’ have you utilised?  How does your positive energy effect others?


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