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Blog : Standing out from the crowd...


Standing out from the crowd...

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In a rapidly changing business environment, awareness of your organisation is key to success. And not just from a customer perspective, also for employer brand purposes. However, for smaller companies with lower budgets, traditional ‘above the line’ marketing such as advertising is usually out of the question. So how can they raise their profile and ensure that their business stands strong amongst the noise from their competitors?

For SMEs, digital marketing provides an obvious solution, and based upon recent findings from customer experience experts, Alterian, now SDL, who found that traditional media channels don’t deliver the results they used to, it’s easy to see why. As a result 40% of respondents anticipated a shift of over a fifth of their budget towards digital channels, with 21% predicting more than a third of their budget will shift. Analysts, Forrester Research concur, expecting digital marketing to grow to nearly $55 billion and represent approximately 21% of all marketing budgets by 2014.

One tool growing in popularity is the e-newsletter. Not only is it a cost effective and easy to administer way of embedding digital marketing within the business, it also experiences high engagement levels due to the fact that everyone who subscribes to your newsletter is already actively interested in your company.
Some of the benefits include:
• Providing an opportunity to regularly contact clients / prospective clients, employees / future employees
• Enhances reputation in your market
• Builds trust with your readers
• Offers free information (don’t make it all about your organisation!)

The great thing about e-newsletters are that they are far from spam/junk. Email addresses can be collected in a number of ways and people can choose to opt out. Therefore the majority of recipients actually want to read the information you’re providing and are genuinely interested in what you have to say. It also provides a shop window for prospective clients.

Here at Purple Cubed we have a monthly ‘Purple: How to…’ and a quarterly digital newsletter.

Finally, ensure that what you are writing isn’t all about you. If you only do three things when putting it together:
• Include articles from colleagues, employees or clients to obtain different perspectives though keep it relevant to your readership and what’s going on in their industry
• Use different formats, including links to interesting articles, videos and interviews
• Ask your readers what they would like to see or include a poll to keep it interactive and engaging

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