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Blog : Share and share alike


Share and share alike

Sam Felton discusses how we benefit from knowledge sharing in Business.

Passing on the leanings of our ancestors is a huge part of human nature and probably a strong argument for how we have evolved so quickly and become the most advanced animal in the world. Learning from mistakes has taught us to be the best we can be. For our ancestors this was definitely true - but the skill of learning from others can be a really powerful tool in the modern world; both in our everyday lives as well as in business.

Much of our human behaviour is learnt through watching and mirroring others. Children mimic their parents / peers in order to be like them, and in the same way, in business when we see that someone is successful and doing well we pay much more interest what they do so that we can imitate those aspects of their behaviour that make them successful. Within an organisation it is vital that those who are ‘the best’ coach and teach others to work in a similar way that they do. This learning can be by imitation as well as avoiding - as the saying goes “Learn from others’ mistakes”.

This is not to say that individual experiences are not hugely important, but taking advantage of learning from those who have had the experience previously is a fantastic way to add to your own bank of knowledge.

Why Sharing Knowledge is particularly important for businesses today:

  • All businesses need a USP that tries to be creative. Innovation is the application of new knowledge.
  • When someone leaves an organisation their knowledge walks out of the door with them.
  • Large organisations often do not ‘know what they know’. The potential knowledge they have is often lost because they don’t know where to find it.
  • Changes in business technology- as things change so does our knowledge pool

This wealth of knowledge expands beyond your own organisation and is popularly available for people who like to gather and share success and experiences in the form of networking events, open events and training sessions. Networking is great to meet similar people in similar positions for building relationships but also for building up your knowledge of industry and experience. Open events and networking events also often have guest speakers who will share their stories and experiences and often their own road to success. Training sessions and courses are also a brilliant way to pass on knowledge as these have been written by people with expertise in certain areas, and can offer many hints and tips to be great in the role you do and how to be a success. Check out our public courses if you haven’t already done so!

At learnpurple, with transformation being our company purpose, learning from others often takes a massive role in making this transformation possible. Every person in the company meets with a mentor monthly who shares their experience and helps us to grow and transform. In addition to this, at Talent Toolbox we are very proud of our Talent Breakfasts, where we find inspirational people to come and share their knowledge. This time, we’ll be having the pleasure of Nick Davies who will be sharing some of his knowledge with all that attend on Thursday 15th April. As an ex-barrister and comedian his experience has taught him a lot about people and how to get the best from them.

If you have not received an invite, but are interested in learning more or attending this event, please contact sam@learnpurple.com.

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