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Blog : Purple:online - Love your work


Purple:online - Love your work

Love can mean a number of things; kindness, compassion, affection, a form of personal attachment, and is a big part of life for all individuals. It is personal and meaningful, encompassing many aspects of our day-to-day lives, however there is an area which does not always get included in this - our work. Research from a recent Gallup report has shown that 70% of employees are not engaged with what they do. And with organisations who have fully engaged employees witnessing 2.5X more revenue (Hay Group) it is important that employers are taking hold of this information and making changes to ensure their people not only ‘love’ what they do, but also love the organisation they do it for. 

Ask, listen and act - two of the key engagement deciders are two-way communication and understanding careers paths. Why not kill two birds with one stone by asking employees what is important to them, what they enjoy about their role and the things they don’t. Find out where they want to go in their career and then work with them on the ‘how’. If they are not sure, start by focusing on their personal values. This can help them understand what their own personal values are – what they stand for and how they do things. They can then see how these are reflected in their daily roles, as well as how aligned they are to the organisational values. To make this easy, we’ve created a free online eValue tool which will help identify what is important and establish what your value priorities are. Click here to find out your values in five minutes.

Get the balance right – work/life balance is often challenging to achieve; especially since we’re now surrounded by evolving technology, making remote working easier and ‘switching off’ harder. In fact, 87% of employees feel they are overworked and in need of a better work/life balance*. This same survey found that just under a third felt taking a short break would help them get better control of their work and be more productive. Encourage your people to take regular five minute breaks. You could do this by creating a space for them to relax (we have a sofa room full of books and mood boards!), organise cross-department get togethers to do something away from their normal day-to-day, and most importantly, make sure they take their holiday allowance to help them spend time with their families, friends or even alone to unwind.

Create a sense of purpose – nowadays, for employees to feel happy and engaged, they need to know why they are at work – what is the purpose of the business. And with younger generations entering the workplace, this is only going to increase in importance. If you want to attract and retain highly engaged people it’s vital that you know what you stand for and your reason for being. If you have yet to create a clear mission, vision and values, now is the time to do so. Linking back to point one, involve your people – ask them what they believe your purpose to be and create a clear set of values and behaviours which will help you achieve this. If you have these in place, make sure these are being used in everyday language and decisions being made upon. By seeing and understanding what the company stands for, your people will feel connected to the organisation thus will contribute and really make a difference.

*Wrike – 1,915 respondents to an online survey.

So by showing a little bit of TLC, you can reap the benefits in return. Make February your month to make a difference…

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