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Blog : Purple: How to...


Purple: How to...

Our recent Talent Toolbox Review: 2014 People Engagement Trends report took the key findings from over 45,000 employees, providing insight into the top trends around employee satisfaction and engagement. The results highlight a valuable opportunity for organisations to take action and enhance their workplace so they develop a high performance culture and become the leaders and trendsetters in people engagement.

Read more to find out the top three trends and how you can optimise these in your business:

1. Happiness – in 2014 employee happiness levels were up 7% on the previous year, indicating the renewed optimism and strength of organisations. Though these levels are yet to reach the pre-recession highs of 80+% so how can we better this figure over the next 12 months? Based on the data, we can see that it’s not just Gen Y that values personal achievement over salary, benefits and job security. By allowing individuals to set their own goals, feeding into those of the organisation, provides a focus and path towards fulfilment, as well as allowing them to see their place in the big picture. So long as people know where they can find support should they need it, they will strive towards achieving their goals, and in return be happy and productive.

2. Bring down the barriers – enhancing happiness is also all about understanding challenges faced and taking action to minimise. In the last 12 months, two-thirds of employees experienced challenges -the core being:
• Lack of mentoring / coaching skills
• Underperforming colleagues
• Time management

With employees now more learning-savvy than ever before, having access to a whole host of typical ‘classroom’ subjects through the internet, they recognise that this style of learning is not going to support their development. They are therefore looking to low cost-no cost learning methods, such as mentoring and self-help methods, to gain experience-led learning rather than technical skills based ‘training’. Yet, as a result of the challenging economy over the last few years, many organisations reduced their investment in developing the softer skills such as listening, coaching, planning and leadership creating a significant skills gap now. The solution is avoiding a quick ‘sheep-dipping’ of learning, instead employers must ask, listen and explore feedback in relation to challenges, individual needs and development requirements. Then together create creative, contemporary and cost-effective solutions and action plans which will drive change and achievement of the overriding learning objectives.

3. Communication - took the top spot among areas for improvement, linking to a statistic from Tower Watson that only 43% of highly engaged employees receive clear communication and feedback at least once a week. One of the key elements of communication, and is often forgotten, is listening. By giving your employees a voice makes them feel valued and trusted, and in return more engaged. It doesn’t matter how you go about this, but ensure that it happens. Many organisations now, as discussed in our latest newsletter, look to technology to connect their people and share ideas.

In combining these three points what people need is to know their employer is behind them 100% and that they know where to look to for support. Growing talent from within ensures that the right talent is working in your organisation, and with you can strive to achieve what it set out to do.

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