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Blog : Talking Talent - Chelsey Hutchinson


Talking Talent - Chelsey Hutchinson

In this month's Purple: How to we talk to Chelsey Hutchinson, Director of People and Culture at Wyboston Lakes...

1. How important are culture & values at Wyboston Lakes?

Our culture and values are at the heart of everything that we do here at Wyboston Lakes, underpinning our decisions, actions and the way that we interact not just with our guests but also with each other. As an independent family business, we have a strong sense of “togetherness” and being part of one Wyboston team. It is this family culture, along with our values, that set us apart from other companies.


2. How are culture and values kept alive within your organisation? And how are they lived through the consumer brand and the service that you deliver?

Our values are physically printed in many places so that everyone sees them every day; though they are not just ‘words on the noticeboard’, they are lived at all levels. They are discussed and brought alive daily at interviews, company inductions, newsletters, meetings and get-togethers. We make sure that everyone knows where we’ve come from and where we are headed so that they really buy in to what Wyboston Lakes is all about and what we plan to achieve, 


3. When hiring, how do you make sure that candidates know ‘what you’re about’?

It is really important to us that we get the right people with the right attitude on board. We have a great team here who really live and breathe our culture and values, and so we know exactly what we are looking for during the hiring process. Our values are always discussed at interviews and we look for people that we believe can really commit to who we are, what we are about and the way we do things.


4. How do individuals within Wyboston Lakes commit to the company values?

Right from the start every member of the Wyboston team is aware of our values and what they mean to them and their role. Company values are used as part of the appraisal and performance management process, and we ask all employees to express what our values mean to them and how they live them in their day-to-day roles.


5. What impact does your culture have in attracting customers?

The fact that we are an independent family business is a great attraction to customers. We have a real emphasis on working together to give the best customer experience. The majority of our customers return to us again and again because they get a real sense of the ‘family’ feel and team environment that we have built up here.


6. Can you share your experiences of working with Purple Cubed?

From the moment we began working with Purple Cubed on our Management Leadership Programme, they really understood exactly what we needed. Sarah and Claire have been brilliant in organising and managing the development and production of the programme and are always on hand for any questions or advice. Our facilitator, Mary Jane, is fantastic, and the course is going down a storm with our management team. As one of our managers said “I thought this was just going to be another training session, now I can’t wait for the next one.” I have no doubt that working with Purple Cubed will make a huge difference to our business.



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