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Blog : My latest favourite things


My latest favourite things

By MJ Flanagan, Training Director learnpurple

We’ve all had or know a friend, colleague or client who just manages to get it right every single time and wondered how they do it. It’s not that they are more lucky or perfect than you; it's just that they simply have had the heads up on some great tricks and tools that (if only you were in the loop) you too would have benefited from.

Knowing about these tricks of the trade can help make us the best version of ourselves – first time, every time. We all know the importance of a first impression, and ingenious little tips that can make us better at our jobs, more efficient in juggling our personal lives or simply just presenting the best image, are priceless.

I find in my role as Training Director that I am increasingly receiving emails from clients asking me about the “favourite things” section that I have added to my courses. These are the little hot tips I’ve picked up along the way and can be anything from products which help aspiring leaders look their best, books to aid management and people performance, development ideas to enhance company programmes, to websites and blogs that really should be seen.

My resources are wide and varied from conferences, to the Oprah network, to the Institute of Directors, to the Harvard Business Review Blog,  to TV programmes and magazines. Plus, I often have delegates email me with their ideas to pass on, or ask for a tip to include in their handbooks and newsletters. I call it being karma neutral - give a bit get a bit!

A good idea increases power when shared, so I think it is now the time to open my favourite things to more of you. I have decided to do this by developing a Twitter feed called my favourite things, where you will be able to find a myriad of hot tips I have picked up along the way.

From Monday 3rd October I’ll be posting a favourite thing daily. And where better to start than by posting some of the favourites I have had over the last few years to allow you all the chance to catch up!

As with many resources, I am sure not all of the ideas will appeal to you; however, there could be a few nuggets that really hit the spot. Why not forward them to your friends and send me your ingenious ideas and together we could build a resource that will become indispensable.

Simply log onto twitter to follow me at @learnpurplemj or search for #mft. Come take a look at ‘My Favourite Things,’ I promise I will not post loads of inane comments about the daily aspects of my life....... Well George Clooney might feature occasionally!

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