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Blog : Give learning the profile it deserves


Give learning the profile it deserves

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It’s Learning at Work Week, aimed at increasing awareness on the importance and benefits of learning and development. Not only does this provide an opportunity for organisations to engage employees, and create positive and improved perceptions of learning both at an individual and business level, it is essential in a climate where progression is viewed as a key motivator. Moving from ‘sheep-dipping’ people into ‘chalk and talk’ sessions, organisations are making more use of learning that is participative, highly relevant yet simple, ongoing and very memorable.

The benefits are obvious; enhanced employee engagement; creating a buzz; cohesive, business based problem solving; knowledge sharing; brand reinforcement;  recognition; building a creative environment. Done well, it will become a profit generator.

Previous participants in Learning at Work Week include WHSmith, Warburtons, American Express, and BskyB who have already reaped the rewards of having a more motivated and creative work force. Learning plays such a vital role in building resilience and business skills; it’s therefore just as important to organisations as it is to their people. 

So what can you do to refresh your L&D? Well it doesn’t need to be complicated, just remember that everyone learns in different ways, so have various resources available. Here are some of my low-cost, no-cost options: to get you thinking:

  • In-house learning library / book exchange
  • Job swaps and shadowing
  • Projects and secondments
  • Webinars and videos
  • Skills sharing circles
  • Mentoring

Challenge your learning and give it the profile it deserves #NLAWWeek


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