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Blog : Purple: How to...drive personal performance


Purple: How to...drive personal performance

Everyone knows that people make or break a business. That those who deliver the products and services are key to the success of the organisation. That you can have the greatest product in the world; yet if your people aren’t progressing towards their full potential, enabling an engaged and motivated performance, your business will fail to reach its own potential. So why are so many employers still not doing the right things when it comes to maximising performance and nurturing potential?

Talented people, human capital or just plain employees; however you describe them, they’re arguably your most important asset; a key source of competitive advantage. Yet in a recent study, Gallup found that only 13% of the working population is fully engaged at work, and that 24% of employees are actively disengaged and therefore liable to spread negativity to co-workers (and worse). To employ a loyal and motivated workforce it’s necessary to recruit the right people in the first place and then do the right things to inspire, engage, develop and retain them. Under this comes managing their performance.

According to the CIPD: “Fully realised, performance management is a holistic process bringing together many of the elements that make up the successful practice of people management including, in particular, learning and development. But for this very reason, it is complex and capable of being misunderstood.”

Managing performance is not about a dreaded annual appraisal that brings negative thoughts to employees, and is a tick-box exercise by managers. Instead it is about managing this ‘successful practice of people management’ in a holistic way and at the very essence of this is the ability for people to enjoy regular, meaningful, dialogue in order to be able to set and drive goals, gain feedback and support, agree development and so on…

Keep performance management simple and clear within your organisation – if you only do three things:

  1. Hire the right people – a crucial factor in having happy and more profitable people is recruiting the right person, the first time. It’s important to recruit for attitude; finding people who can relate to your own values, the ‘how we do things around here’, who will fit right in and hit the ground running. Then once you have the right people you can set about providing them with the tools and support they need to do a great job, and helping them max out their performance.


  1. Start as you mean to go on – setting the standards and expectations right from the start is really important. People take in information in different ways, some are non-auditory and more receptive by doing (kinesthetic) or seeing (visual). And everyone has their own way of doing things, so as long as your organisation has set up a framework ‘how we do things around here’ around the essentials, it doesn’t matter if people do things differently. Have the end result in mind and trust people to do a good job. After all, the world would be a very dull place if it wasn’t for diversity.


  1. Make reviews happen - regular performance discussions should be the norm in all businesses; encouraging the manager and employee to have an open discussion about performance and aspirations. However with information flow so fast often business pressures take over and this conversation isn’t given the attention it deserves. So if the review happens, it’s usually rushed and then writing up the notes is often forgotten meaning no clear actions are recorded. The solution is to automate the process – saving time, money and effort. There are several online options which are simple, easy to complete and provide detailed reporting which can transform decisions around people, our Talent Management Solution incorporates this focusing on performance and progression.


By nurturing, supporting and trusting your people, you can help them be the best that they can be, striving towards their (and therefore your) goals, progressing productively and making discretionary contributions to your success…

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