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Blog : Flexible working - what potential will you unlock?


Flexible working - what potential will you unlock?

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With the holiday season upon us, as you sit at your desk ready for another 9-5, you might think to yourself that it would be nice to be somewhere else. Well with technological innovations and the advent of The Cloud, many tasks can be completed anywhere, at any time.

With the click of a button you can access shared company files and software at your fingertips. Whether you find your inspiration from home, at Starbucks or even as one of our colleagues does, from Turkey, you may unlock hidden potential. And it doesn’t stop there; flexible working doesn’t just benefit employees. Research by corporate office provider, Regus, found 70% of managers reported an increase in productivity in their employees after a shift to flexi working, and 72% think there is a link between flexi working and increased employee engagement.

Of course there’s nothing new about this, and many companies are doing this already. However there are many others who don’t. For them I’ll spell it out. Not only does working flexibly allow for a different setting that might allow a different mind-set (such as being more creative or getting down to some proper thinking or detailed work), it can also enable employees to juggle personal responsibilities. Here at Purple Cubed we are as flexible as the business will allow to enable people to better manage other commitments, such as picking up children from childcare. Or just for a change of scene, such as one of our developers who works out in Turkey from time to time – swim at lunchtime anyone?!

All of this will inevitably lead to higher engagement levels, and as the trend continues to grow for personal and work life to meld together, working flexibly is going to be essential towards making work-life a lot more productive.

Of course organisations will need to have the right working conditions in place (such as Cloud technology). They’ll need to have thought through what works, and won’t work, for the business; what is fair and equitable for all. Most of all they’ll need to trust that their people will get the job done. This for some is the hardest shift of all yet if people know what they’re doing and how the outcomes will be measured, then businesses can move from the 20th century monitoring of inputs to the 21st century measuring of outputs.

If you’re still one of the doubters, Telework Research Network recently found that 83% of people who joined a company in the last two years cited flexibility as an important factor when they decided to accept the role.

Who knows what potential you may unlock…

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