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Blog : Always-on business culture doesn’t always have to be…


Always-on business culture doesn’t always have to be…

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Email – love it or loathe it, this and the advent of multi-function devices such as the iPhone are largely responsible for the always on, 24/7 business culture that’s developed here and in most other parts of the world. This great connectivity was supposed to make life easier – and in many ways it does - yet it’s also responsible for a great deal of workplace stress.

One study showed that people’s stress levels increase by 83% when using business email and by 92% when they’re using an email and ‘phone combo’. So it makes sense that a holiday should be just that – people need a proper break.

We've trialled and adopted a way to set up email so that people who are away on vacation don’t receive any, therefore avoiding holiday log on and a full-to-busting inbox on their return. Instead senders receive a message along the lines of:


At Purple Cubed we’re able to have a proper break when we’re on holiday, so your email won't be delivered to my inbox. If you’d prefer a response from me please resend on (date) or, if more immediate support is needed, please forward on to (colleague) or call the office on (no.). Many thanks for helping me to recharge. 


This has meant that practically all of the internal traffic just ‘goes away’ and, as long as colleagues are willing and able to deal with urgent stuff, service quality isn't affected. A rule can also be set up that allows emails with keywords in the subject box such as 'urgent' to still be let through, and not deleted. In the unlikely event of an emergency, the business can even contact people by text.

Not customer centric? Surely customers today appreciate the benefits of working with those who come back from holiday fully refreshed, and are happy to deal with another competent person in their absence?

If you’d like to know how to do it, you can message us here 

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