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Blog : How employers can benefit from festivals


How employers can benefit from festivals

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Caroline White, UX Designer at Purple Cubed looks at how festivals and other social events can boost the #BigE (#EmployeeEngagement) and your topline figures


It‘s come to that time of year when festivals are advertised everywhere. Newspapers, billboards, radio presenters and online adverts tell us that we need to be outdoors, dancing on the grass with friends, plastic cup in hand. Festivals underpin different cultures and have been used for celebrations since the 1400s. Going to Glastonbury was a rite of passage for my friends and I – it was such a feeling of excitement setting off for Somerset aged sixteen with friends, tents and sleeping bags squashed into the back of a car. Glastonbury is one of the most iconic UK festivals and organiser, Michael Eavis has even been awarded a CBE. There are also plenty of other well-known festivals worldwide from Burning Man in the Nevada desert to La Tomatina, the annual food fight in Spain, to the Rio Carnival.

Festivals could be considered a surprising topic for a business blog however social events and getting together outside of work are a great way of harnessing a productive atmosphere where employees are engaged, happy to collaborate and work well as a team. This is particularly important when studies such as one by Gallup suggest that 87% of the world’s working population are not meaningfully engaged in, or otherwise enthusiastic about their jobs.  ‘The Big E’ (employee engagement) also helps retain employees- the Corporate Leadership Council report that highly engaged employees are 87% less likely to leave their companies than their disengaged counterparts.  At Purple Cubed we aim to go to one festival per year as a team.  A similar example of this is the restaurant chain, Prezzo, who take over Alton Towers once a year for a company-wide fun day.

Three low-cost activities which boost the ‘Big E’ (tried and tested by Purple Cubed!):

  • A games tournament, e.g. Connect Four
  • Holding a treasure hunt
  • Allowing people to finish work earlier on Friday for drinks in the office as a team

Is your company planning on boosting the ‘Big E’ with any upcoming social events?


Click here for our handy guide to surviving the festival season

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