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Blog : Interview with Jane Sunley, FT Non Executive Club - August 2010


Interview with Jane Sunley, FT Non Executive Club - August 2010

Jane Sunley, CEO of learnpurple and talenttoolbox, was interviewed by the Financial Times Non Executive Club in her role as a trustee of The Brokerage charity and President of HR in Hospitality.

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Jane says: "As a small business person I have a really pragmatic and practical approach and I think I bring a different perspective to the larger corporate perspective. When I first started on the board, I was sitting with senior people from large organisations such as the Bank of England and UBS Warburg, people who brought their own particular skills of course but who didn't really know about practicalities of running a small enterprise. As a start-up charity, The Brokerage very much resembled a small business. I was able to ask the awkward questions because of my different background and experience and I think that was felt to be very valuable.

"It's really interesting to have been on the board of a not for profit for that long because you see how the organisation evolves and also how the board has developed over time. Over the years we've attracted 'bright young people' from organisations like PwC and Allen & Overy and similar organisations, people in their twenties, and you can see how they are learning and developing through taking on this role, and I guess that's what it did for me."

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