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Blog : Hire for the right culture


Hire for the right culture

By Ben Buet - Business Development Manager

Recently I attended an event focusing on the keys to successful recruitment. It showed how a wide array of companies from corporate to completely individual brands, employ the right people, consistently. It made me stop and think about just how important the recruitment process is.

It’s a common story; a business hires someone capable of doing the job yet within their first 100 days they leave the business, or worse stay yet underperform. The result of which is 1000s of pounds spent per person in replacing or resolving. However, when you get it right first time fantastic results can be achieved. Having the right people, aligned to your culture and values will ensure you have someone willing to go the extra mile for the company and be a true brand ambassador. I was having lunch with a client last week who had risen through the ranks from supervisor to MD of the company through hard work and dedication. You can only achieve this if your employee is culturally aligned and fully believes in the values and mission of the business; loving who they work for and wanting to grow with the company.

We fully subscribe to this at Purple Cubed - believing that you should hire people who fit your culture and values, then teach the skillset. That’s why we have an in-depth selection process which includes psychometric testing, meeting four to five of the purple team through two interviews and completing a number of work-based tests. We also consider previous employer feedback and analyse online profiles. In Purple Your People we share our selection methods and offer some great tips that can really enhance your selection process from non-negotiables, defining what you need through to preparing and structure of the actual interviews.

Every company is different however and there is certainly not a one size fits all to this process. For instance at Yo Sushi!  Assessment days are held where people are asked to come in dressed as their favourite super hero – those who don’t are sifted out at this first stage. Whilst this will not work for all companies, it really demonstrates the brand and ‘what we’re all about’; helping them bring out the individual personalities of each of the candidates. We’ve also recently completed a project working with high-end student accommodation providers, Urbanest. Here we created a fun, interactive assessment day which was perfectly aligned to their culture and values. Whilst no dressing up was required, it challenged candidates in a creative way and allowed assessors to mark performance against role specific requirements and competencies.

And then once you find the ideal person you need to focus on the first three to six months – the most crucial period; allowing both employee and employer to see if this person is right for the business. However that’s for another blog!

What are the good and bad recruitment experiences you have seen or been involved in? Do you have any tips to share?

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