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Blog : Finding 'The One'


Finding 'The One'

Your people drive and ensure your organisation is achieving and delivering on all fronts. So what are the secrets to successful recruitment and getting people that will flourish in your business?
A key element is cultural fit; determining what they can deliver and if their personality fits both the team and the company. Of course it is great if they have the technical skills to carry out the role and hit the ground running, but this is worthless if their values don’t fit the company ethos, resulting in low motivation and below average performance.

According to Leigh Brahnam who wrote ‘The 7 hidden reasons employees leave’ one of the reasonsfor high labour turnover is ‘Mismatch between job and the person’. And goes on to say interviewers should never employ somebody purely on the basis of how much you may like that person. It is important that person has the competency to do the job and to also have the right personality. Competency fit is the easier of the two to find. If an employee has started and for example doesn’t fit into a value , let’s say ‘fun,’ their team could be out after hours bonding and the individual has little interest they are likely to feel like an outsider, lose interest and potentially leave. We’d recommend always hiring for attitude and training for competence and there are tools available which  can assist in this process; such as Job EQ’s iWAM which we facilitate and use at Purple Cubed.

I recently read a book called ‘Setting the Table’ by Danny Meyer - owner of the Union Square Hospitality Group including restaurants such as the multinational Shake Shack. He speaks of a rule called ‘The 51% solution’.
Danny speaks of not believing in suitability tests but if he was to, and 100 was the perfect score, 51% would account for the emotional job performance and 49% would account for the technical skill. The reason he is keen on hiring ‘51 percenters’ is because training technical aspects is far easier than improving their emotional skills. To Danny, the five core aspects of a 51 percenter are:

1)      Optimistic warmth – Genuine kindness, thoughtfulness and sense that that glass is at least half full
2)      Intelligence – An insatiable curiosity to learn for the sake of learning
3)      Work ethic – A natural tendency to do something as well as it can possibly be done
4)      Empathy – An awareness and connection to how others feel and how your actions make others feel
5)      Self-awareness and integrity – An understanding of what makes you tick and a natural inclination to be accountable for doing the right thing with honesty and superb judgement
Here at Purple Cubed we believe in attracting talent that fits. In our very own book Purple Your People there is a chapter explaining some tips on how to employ the right people for the role you are advertising.
One thing that we advise is for candidates to attach ten bullet points along with a one page CV when applying for a role. These can be very telling and can ascertain if a candidate ‘gets you’ as an organisation. 80% of applications we receive include candidates who haven’t condensed their CV down to one page or who haven’t sent  bullet points, showing a lack of ability to follow instruction or no real desire to work with us.  These applicants can be disregarded straight away and cuts down recruitment time considerably.

We believe that if you only do three things when looking for ‘the one’:

1)      Define the characteristics you are looking for using organisational values
2)      Use the one page CV and 10 bullet points approach
3)      Keep it fair and look internally first, using the same criteria as for external applicants

What tips do you have to improve recruitment processes in your organisation?

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