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Blog : Darwin on-line


Darwin on-line

by Sol Arigós, Client Support Manager talent toolbox

One of my heroes is Charles Darwin. You may think this is an odd thing for a techie person like me, however his theory of evolution sits comfortably with the fast paced technology I work with.

Darwin’s theory explains that systems evolve naturally over time; leading eventually to total transformation. Take development in communication – from handwritten letters, to Morse code and now mobile phones. Or in broadcasting – wireless and TV recievers in cabinets to streamlined television through an iPad. These transformations are happening every day; changing the way we work, live and interact with each other.

For some, change can be quite scary. Strangely though, evolving never is. The take up rates for new technologies are huge. Only recently have we seen people camping outside for days in front of Apple stores around the world to get their hands on the latest iPhone! Evolution makes sense; everyone is always open to transformation of systems that were not quite satisfactory.

And it’s the evolution of performance appraisals / reviews that is continually affecting the way I work. Back in the day, if you wanted to talk to your people and know how they were developing or find out if there were any issues, you had to do a face-to-face annual review - sheets of paper, boxes to tick and hours and hours away from the desk.

Now it’s all change. This process has evolved and savvy businesses use talent management systems, such as the talent toolbox family of solutions™, to conduct their appraisals efficiently and obtain feedback effectively - online.   

However, one of the key things about Darwin’s theory is there is no room for change for change sake. And that is partly why appraisal systems have evolved and moved online. It allows you to talk to your people and listen to what they have to say.  Then, and most importantly, review, working out patterns and trends so you can decide what is ‘simply change’ and what is ‘evolution’ – the things that will really make a difference; helping you to transform.

 Here are my three top tips to ensure that you never mistake change for evolution and that you use online talent solutions to transform:

1. Work out your long term goals

The key to transforming any business is communicating the businesses long term goal and getting everyone on board. Take the time to know exactly what these are and clearly express to all of your people.

2. Trust the findings

By conducting appraisals and obtaining feedback online you gain a great insight into what your people think and can easily spot trends by having all of the information in one place. Trust what your people are saying and use this as your guiding light.

3. Recognise that evolution isn’t the same for everyone

Evolution is specific to the subject where change is developing. Just because company X evolved in the direction of Y does not mean company Z will. Look at your current company’s DNA and work with that


What processes are your guiding lights at work? How do you transform your workplace?

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