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Blog : Creating a High Performance Culture


Creating a High Performance Culture

By Jane Sunley - CEO, Purple Cubed


This is a rather corporate sounding term for success through creating and evolving a unique culture and ways of doing things. I believe that for the successful organisation of the future, this will be ‘a given’ because the best people will want to work for an organisation that stands for something; where they can make a meaningful contribution.  It looks like this:

  • The essence of the organisation is unique
  • Yet everyone’s united under common goals and how things are done
  • The company has a vibrant soul, personality and resonance
  • People make the right decisions and do the right things - even (and especially) when no one is watching them
  • They are challenging themselves; setting their own stretching goals and achieving them, supporting one another to improve
  • Leaders reinforce behaviours and are true role models
  • People have the tools, skills and resources to perform and are free to do so
  • They are enthusiastic engaged, loyal and energised
  • Activities are connected to an overall purpose and people are clear about how they can contribute
  • Leaders make changes that need to be made to optimise performance – and they manage this well
  • Communication is frequent and two-way
  • People are treated like responsible adults

Why do it?

By creating a high performance culture, people will be clear about why and how to do things and thus will deliver performance and profitability with passion.

This cannot be achieved overnight as some sort of ‘initiative’. It requires a long-term commitment from the highest level to a way of life that will become the very essence of the organisation’s being.  It requires clarity of vision, an abundance of mutual trust, and an executive team that are behind it all the way. It must, however, be done as simply as possible for maximum ‘stickability’. 

On a 1-10 scale with 1 being ‘we’ve not even considered it yet’ – how far along the journey are you?


Jane is our inspiring leader, setting out to simplify HR strategy with her common-sense, yet expert advice. If you want to know more about high performance, email jane@purplecubed.com

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